Our return policy is pretty simple: if you don’t want it, send it back within seven days of receiving the product and we’ll refund you in full as long it is still in good condition. If you’re in the US, we’ll also send you a shipping label!

If the product arrives broken, let us know right away (feel free to send a picture, although we are pretty trusting) and we’ll send a new one or repair it right away.

Our policy for products that come as downloadable STL files is pretty much the same – if you can’t successfully print the product, we’re happy to refund you. Or, if you hate it after you print it, just tell us why you hate it and we’ll give you your money back! Hopefully that won’t happen.

To contact us regarding returns or refunds, send an email to [email protected] (and if you’d like us to call you, just include your phone number).