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The Light Widow CineTag is an app-controlled filter and camera tag display that can be used in place of individual Velcro tags. The CineTag itself can be added to a matte box or camera using Velcro, but the e-paper screen is populated using the Light Widow App.  This gives users limitless options for filter and camera tags. Tags can be programmed from a list of existing filters and camera information, or can be fully customized. A filter names can also be added directly to the CineTag memory, allowing users to quickly toggle though filter tags using the buttons on the CineTag and not needing to use the phone app at all during a shoot.

CineTag displays can also be wirelessly paired together so that when one CineTag is updated, any other CineTags in a specified group mirror that unit. This means that the DP, DIT, or any other crew member can each have their own CineTag that is always up to date based on the AC’s master tag. The CineTags can also be paired with the Light Widow FRS-Light and FRS module for ARRI LMB. Wireless range between CineTags varies, but with line-of-sight it’s often up to or even over 100 feet, or 30-50 feet with no line-of-sight.

CineTags log every filter change to internal memory, tame-stamping filter changes using current time and date, and, in the future (after some firmware updates), timecode.

The displays connect to the phone app using Bluetooth LE, and have a battery life of up to three weeks. The CineTags are also quite light weight, weighing only a few ounces.


Lifetime Discount Replacement and Limited Warranty

If you somehow break your CineTag, we’ll replace it for 50% the cost of a new one. Or if the screen gets broken, we’ll replace it for $50.

CineTags come with a 1 year limited warranty.

Also view our return policy here.

What's in the Box?


~2″ Velcro Strip

Instruction Sheet